T’s & C’s

T & C and entry Rules

All Infinity Running events are held under the ARC and obatin permits for every race from them.

ARC provide our public liability and we run our races abiding by heir rules.

On entering our races you agree to the following:

Fees are non refundable except in circumstances where entrants have contacted the Race Direcor.

Transfers to another race are welcomed right up until the eve of race day as long as the entrant contacts the Race director

You are an amateur and agree to abide by UK athletics rules

You enter the race on the condition that you are fit and able to race and that you inform the Director of any medical conditions that they need to be aware of.

You agree not to hold the organisers, marshals, or any volunteers at the  event (to the extent permitted by law) liable for any personal injury, sickness or accident suffered, nor the loss of any property on the course, changing areas, or event HQ.

Entry to the race is entirely at your own risk and you agree to withdraw if you are unwell.

Runners MUST attend the compulsory race briefing 10 minutes prior to the start of every race

Runners must wear their number on the front and it must be clearly visible at all times

Runners agree to follow all instructions given by any marshals or volunteers

All data is stored securely and in accordance with the law and will not be given to any third party

The time limit for our events is 7 hours and runners must be out on their last lap before 5:59

The weaing of headphones is allowed but runners must listen to the marshals

No litter must be dropped on the course and if anyone is seen dropping litter they will be instantly disqualified

Runners must give way to member sof the public on the routes

All decision made by the Race Director are final